OAP + misc updates

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One Arm Pushups

  • progressing with archer-pushups now
  • been 5 sessions with noticable progress:
    • started out with being able to do 3 strict palm supported with each hand
    • could do 10 palm supported with each hand by the third session
    • could do 5 finger supported (thumb included) with each hand today
    • also tried OAP eccentrics at the fourth session, but still lack the necessary control
      • will re-employ once am able to do 10 finger-supported with each hand
  • breath control has improved over the sessions
    • as the number of reps increase, breathing once per rep is a better choice than sustaining the valsalva maneuver throughout the set
  • have been noticing strength improvements and tricep hypertrophy
  • soreness is a good indicator of novel stimuli
    • fairly quick adaptation expected.


  • was off this for more than a month
  • have been consuming minimal amounts for 60 hours now
    • eyes have been drier than usual with the same hydration and sleep
    • no noticable energy improvements
    • an nap(25 mins) or a complete sleep cycle(90 mins (sleep deprived days)) are a much better option
  • discontinuing indefinitely. Only consuming when absolutely necessary.
  • will keep the sensitivity preserved for emergencies
    • a zombie apocalypse, for instance
      • I don’t have a shotgun yet.
      • a sledgehammer would be slow
      • machetes should be fun
      • katanas would be epic
      • also don’t have a horse yet.
      • also probably won’t have zombies.

One Meal a Day

  • had been doing this for 2 weeks
  • shifting back to the normal 2 meals + auxiliaries a day now due to a revision in workout regimen
  • Convenient experience : saves time
    • the one meal has to be good though
    • the self imposed obligation takes care of really having a good meal

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