First Double Under

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It’s been some time I last declared that I’m getting into these.

Got my first one yesterday evening and this is a brief summary of the phases I went through during the progression

Fitness Log 005 : First Double Under

Speed ropes

- tangle a lot : only use once you are compentent enough with the particular move
- can do all the skills transferred from the beaded rope mentioned below with them now
- taking a break from them during the learning process : trying replacements and strategizing

Strategic perspective

- Goal was to accelerate the process with some theory
- I take 18 seconds for 50 single unders with a speed rope : 0.36 seconds for 1 pass
- Double unders require a combination of jumping higher and spinning the rope faster
- That would mean an (approximate) an event duration which is ..
	- dangerously close to the sensitivity of vision and hearing for humans : analysis in real time is stupid
	- have to control a lot of minor muscles and the way to go about it is practice and not an algorithmic approach : The senses are a bottleneck
- time to use some neurofeedback training : switching to heavier ropes

Auxiliary Tricks : Beaded Ropes

- solid feedback but a lot of friction : can't pickup the pace
- learned a lot from them : double side swings, tyson squats, criss-crosses
- strategy is to learn from these and transfer to other rope types easily
- side swipes are the prominent ones here that are useful for trick transitions

Setting the Scene

Credits @ Rush Athletics

- Watched this two days ago
- This is what I followed closely and helped me get into the rythm
- Setting an entry point with the double side swipe
- one bounce followed by the double under

Weighted rope

- I wanted to take the neurofeedback to the next level
- bought a 1 pound (~0.45 kilo) weighted rope (pvc) that doesn't tangle
- took around 10 mins of practice to get the basics transferred from the beaded rope 
- This is a lot of feedback and just sky-rocketted the whole process
	- after 30 mins...



- still need to work on my landing after the first normal jump post the double under : a lot of backward momentum can be observed
- workouts are more fun now
- yet to string multiples

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