Adapting to & Exploiting the lockdown

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Fitness log 004

Due to a surge of Covid-19 cases in India, and Maharashtra specifically, a curfew has been imposed in Nashik. That’s all okay and necessary.
However, that implies I need to revise my training cycles. Calisthenics or plyometrics can’t really replace the neural benefits that accompany a deadlift, but can’t just sit and complain.

For the coming training cycle, restating the goals as follows:

  • maintain muscle and lose fat
  • increase VO2 max
  • learn specific skills that I usually wouldn’t have the freedom to work on directly for extended durations
  • stick to a healthy circadian rhythm that is in alignment with the previous routine
    • so as to leverage Inertia for
      • momentum carryover
      • efficient transitions into the next routine

For now, focusing on learning to time consistent double unders. Right now, it feels like someone’s hammering a nail into the tendons and calves, but the body will adapt as always.
Doing this every other day spruced with recovery walks and a healthy amount of pushups and pullups.

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