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  • My right knee has been hurting due a bad lunge a couple of weeks ago.
  • Running seems to get the blood flowing around lower body musculature and joints and also helps with sleep.
  • I am a jump rope guy but running is an essential skill : like swimming; bringing it up to a respectable baseline.
  • Also helps with posture and recovery runs help maintain uniformity on recovery days.
  • I am incorporating them slowly and taking it easy.
    • experienced numerous hamstring pulls when I picked up sprinting last year; had to give up prematurely.
  • Dawns ( 05:20 - 05:50 hrs ) are a good time to run : the skies are deep azure with permeating orange and the breezes are calmly cool.
  • Priorities are still inclined towards strength and resistance training
  • a step towards becoming a hybrid athlete

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