Handling Asymmetries

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Fitness log 002 : Prehab’ing

Thanks to my recent lower back injury, I’ve been questioning my routine and training philosophy. Well, that mostly revolves a mixture of everything ranging from strength, stamina, mobility, a little of flexibility, and very recently, power. Longevity was thrown under the bus of ignorance for a long time and it’s time to summon the abstractness shamans of the physiological kingdom.
One reason, in hindsight, for the injury was asymmetric stabilization during the lift. That has been the case with almost all my deadlift injuries till date. Of course, differences are bound to occur due to differing dominances of the limbs but that doesn’t imply one mustn’t try to equalize them.
Previously, I settled for post-injury rehab, got to normal and continued lifting in accordance to the old ways. But now that I’m training rather than just lifting, it’s time to address these asymmetries and prehab to mitigate the risk for any such future injuries.

This is what I’ve added recently:

  1. Turkish get-ups(TGU)1
  2. chops and lifts2
  3. single leg deadlifts3

.. And I’m already noticing the issues:

  • I could TGU with 15 kilos on my right shoulder but failed halfway through with my left one in the first session.
  • My pelvic girdle was not particularly stable during the single leg deadlift
    • considerable amount of rotational displacement (about an axis through my planted foot’s ball and socket joint, in the horizontal plane, perpendicular to my torso, tracing along my toe) was observed. Not good.
      • sort of like a vertically wobbling door hinge.
    • Needs a lot of work, awareness wise
  • chops and lifts, with lunges highlighted opportunity to improve stability and strength during non-trivial rotations (axis of rotation being a linear combination of the 3 trivial ones).

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