Lower Back Injuries

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This is a brief profile of my most frequent injury pattern and the canonical causes for the same.

Fitness Log 001 : lower back injuries


Attr Value
Event Lower Back Injury @ Romanian Deadlifts while practicing hook grip
Event Time-stamp Tue mar 23 07:32:38 IST 2021 minus ~60 mins
Suspected Cause Fatigue due to bad chronic posture
Experience painful : as if someone stuck a knife in my spine
Expected Time to Recover 2 days? :-/



  • Practice humility
  • sleep with correct posture : extended(7 hours +) lateral stress(shear) on the lower back identified as the prime cause
    • On such days, workout but only to maintain routine: do not seek to break PRs and/or tax your CNS learning new moves
    • try to sustain psychological momentum on such days and take corrective actions immediately


  • Cold Therapy : a lot of cold-showers, ice packs and ice baths if possible
  • Deloading : take a break from the heavy compounds for a couple of days
    • do not stop lifting all together : lift light to maintain the periodic stimulus
      • do not train CNS : only the movement patterns
    • evening walks for 30 mins : intentionally reinforce correct spine posture
    • gradually increase loads : take up to a week to get to the norm
  • Nutrition : increase fat intake (nuts, clarified butter, yolks)

Final Note to Self

It is okay, and smarter, to not give your all on certain days and only train to sustain momentum. Check your ego out the weight room.

UPDATE @ Wed Mar 24 20:50:16 IST 2021

Status approximately after 40 hours:

  • Feeling considerably better
    • back to average mobility fairly quickly
  • several mobility stretches help a lot and significantly accelerate recovery
  • could not lift today, will be able to tomorrow
  • was able to catch up on my sleep deficit though
  • also began engineering a good, quick warm-up routine that is resistant to laziness and the temptation to grip & rip
    • a stretching routine update might follow, covering all that I do for maintaining and enhancing flexibility, mobility, recovery and any other factors I might be missing out.

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