Fitness Log Series Init

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Initiating the priors before commencing my fitness logs from my present state:

2000 - 2016

I was mostly overweight for the latter part of this time period. Didn’t really manage my nutrition and my habits weren’t on point.
I tried a lot of sports as a way to keep fit but none of them really stuck : swimming, karate, badminton, table tennis.
Didn’t have an athletic background and was somewhat satisfied living the average geek’s lifestyle. Enjoyed junk food far too frequently and couldn’t do a pull-up.

2016 - 2018

This is when I was done with my tenth grade and was setting out to prepare for JEE. I do recall being severely unfit at the beginning and the end of this phase. The middle was mediocre : not really fit as a 17 year old should be but yeah, moderately above average. That’s not a good thing about my status but a jab at this generation. By the end, I’d managed to be at my heaviest : 124 kilograms at 6 feet 2 inches: that’s quite a lot. All that ignorance piling up from years of lack of self-discipline were taking their toll and now I could legitimately be classified as obese; If there ever was a zombie apocalypse : I wouldn’t survive for long. I also first explored resistance training during this phase but was extremely sporadic in my efforts and that was bound to fizzle out.

2018 - March 2020

I messed up my JEE and was now holding a rank way more higher than I’d expected (story of every guy that messed up, nothing special here). Was definitely angry at myself for that and the thought compensating somehow stays with me to this day. What really got me was that I messed that one thing that I was devoting my full attention (or should have) to : I couldn’t do what I set out to … : that does take a toll on your mood.
Anyway, this time, I decided to diversify and get all the things I’d been ignoring in check along with managing my academics (check writing past). My current physical state was the elephant in the room. This is when I got serious about things and started putting in the time to consistently learn and train movements in the gym and grind it out. My first goal was to get rid of the excess fat and this time I also took care of my nutrition and sleep. I enjoyed the beginners gains for a long time and put on a considerable amount of muscle while losing a considerable of fat : lost 30 kilograms in 6 months and bulked up to 92 kilos soon after that.

March 2020 - Present

This was the moment when SHTF for me and majority of the earth’s population. Well, I did not really realize it right away as is the case with many people. I had my mid-semester vacation and was celebrating my Dad’s birthday (14th March) when I realized that my University isn’t reopening. Was momentarily all cool about it but little did I know that I was going to be spending a year away. Did manage to learn of things and those will be covered in a post of their own soon. Retracting back on the tangent, I missed the gym a lot: this moment made me realize how integral a part resistance training plays in my life; might even write about the meta-skills I learned from the same. So when the gyms did reopen (around 6 months later) I was all raring to recoup all the lost opportunities to grunt and throw around a bunch of iron. Meanwhile, I explored several options : sprinting, cylinder lunges, pullups in the parking lot, pistol squats(progressions), plenty of pushup variations. These were okay, but once you begin to enjoy deadlifting, you develop an appetite, an appetite for a certain amount of stress when you train. I missed that.

I lost a little muscle in those months, but nothing that couldn’t be gained back in some time. Now, after a large training cycle, I can say things are better than the previous normal and more potential improvements await. Moreover, the pandemic did allow me to dabble around:

  • have incorporated a lot of jump rope : 20 mins of mixed up boxer skips, side sweeps, criss-crosses and Tyson squats will be my staple cardio for a long time.
  • learned how to full squat clean and looking forward to reap the power increments from the strength training foundation that I’ve built. Weight Lifting is a deviation from the usual Power Building ( Power Lifting and Body Building) stuff that I do and it has been a nice experience training the Central Nervous System and power generation more directly for a change.
  • Also learned to cook I bought a kitchen scale and will not starve if my mom is out of town. The nutrition department is fairly well taken care of now.

Current Goals

Right now, I am looking forward to the following:

  • strengthening my foundations:
    • this involves building up the big three lifts and some weighted body-movements (chin-ups and dips).
  • acclimatizing myself with more explosion patterns; practicing and giving Olympic weight lifting a fair chance.
  • keep on learning new jump rope tricks : they make cardio fun and intense
  • Long term body recomposition : maintain a small deficit most of the time with occasional cheat meals and water fasts (worked my way up to 48 hour fasts once a month)

Now that I’ve clarified the history and set up a base, future logs will be more precise and include my opinions on new things that I read and learn.

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