Sounding Smart is Easy

I’m personally vulnerable to coming off as a smart individual. Whenever people see me talk, they do think I’ve my priorities sorted out and know what I’m doing. Honestly, I’m just as confused as every other 22 year old out there trying to figure out where to channel all that ambition they harbor. A good anchor that helps me in carrying my present circumstances with me when I’m day dreaming is the habit of reading diverse content that varies across a huge time span(I don’t do fiction).

Informal Documentation

Over my past three years of maintaining a healthy intellectual appetite, I’ve realized that I learn optimally in iterative cycles of consumption, consolidation and execution. Expanding individually: Consumption sweeping the current literature and the fundamentals you may even backtrack along recent ideas to find out the roots of the specific subject Consolidation you let the ideas that you’ve consumed simmer in your head this may lead to observing analogies, connections that weren’t explicitly consumed by you or seeing opportunities for improvement in existing ideas Execution Learning for its own sake is fun and all but results do matter and completing projects is when one actually learns about the abstract intricacies that are difficult to document.