Leonardo da Vinci : Walter Isaacson

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Leonardo da VinciLeonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson
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The way Leonardo’s experiences are structured and presented, allow you to see anything and everything in a different light ; also highlighting the explicit simplicity (unconditional curiosity) and the complexity of his character being mingled into his doings- the way seemingly random(which they were) mental excursions led to masterpieces, or to massive fails.

Walter also emphasizes on the fact that all this genius was earned and not a mere probabilistic event, all the while retaining the core of Leonardo’s life, untainted.

This did inspire me to maintain a notebook for my random observations in hopes to nourish my curiosity muscles. Hope to continue with them till the day I die.

“Just for the sake of it” - that’s one thing that anyone can benefit from embodying… fust for the sake of it.

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