Consumption update

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[2021-12-14 Tue 19:27] - 7897

  • Officially ceasing to actively track the number of books I read: up to 43 books for 2021.
  • Will also not be rating them on unidimensional scales: only reviews
    • will make exceptions only in the case I feel like putting down some works that are not worth spreading.
  • counting does bias choices irrationally: longer tougher reads that require persistence are definitely more valuable than shorts that can be consumed in a couple of days.
  • Also still convinced about only sticking to non-fiction and don’t feel like being considerate of fiction any time-soon: good literature included.
  • Expecting frequent book reviews.
  • will also be spending more time with textbooks - not just my principal domain but taking a much more miscellaneous approach:
    • meteorology
    • geography, cartography
    • practical astronomy
    • chemistry
    • anatomy
    • rhetoric
    • mechanics
    • economics
    • linguistics
    • music theory
    • neuroscience, nutrition, physiology
    • anthropology
    • will continue to add on to the list
  • final aim continues to be able to appreciate all these from a uniform perspective
  • All this while empirically pursuing epistemology and trying to build some of my own
  • will be starting comment streams for each technically involved domain
  • will also have exploration sessions on wikipedia where I read whimsically and find potential intellectual interests - wikipedia is a very good tool for aspiring polymaths
  • Not counting does somewhat free me mentally of keeping track. - will begin including landmark research papers in my appetite
  • Of course, the principal pursuit will get most of my attention and beginning to actively blog about it on my other blog: Datum2Nat

Really putting my polymathic aspirations out there with such a post: now’s the time to stay true to my word and not simply indulge in the pseudo-rewards that ensue.

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