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[2021-09-15 Wed 08:05]

- napping is a skill

[2021-09-11 Sat 15:01]

A bunch of agains..

[2021-09-07 Tue 06:07]

On Normalcy

[2021-08-14 Sat 20:40]

Conditioning and Periodization

Sat Jul 31 10:30:54 IST 2021


- reading "Functional Training and Beyond" by Adam Sinicki (The Bioneer)
- resuming SICP with 2 deep hours each morning post workout

Wed Jul 28 20:20:38 IST 2021

GS internship review

- beginning regular updates again
- some good first-hand observations regarding effects of a cold on
speech have been noted

Thu Jul 8 05:36:53 IST 2021

- halfway through my internship 
	- made considerable progress
- caught a bad cold day before yesterday
	- no workouts, sub-optimal sleep
		- relatively sub-par period in my life
	- hit the state trough yesterday morning and on my path to
- taking a course on fundamental music theory
	- as touted by me before, I would like to play than only

Wed Jun 16 10:43:23 IST 2021

- a bird took a shit right beside my keyboard two days ago.
	- forgot to log this as that was also my first day as a summer
	analyst at Goldman Sachs (Controllers division).
	- came in all the way from a window two rooms away and
	panicked when I entered my room post workout.
	- couldn't get out and kept on pecking into the window at the
	same point (dumb bird (I'm not an ornithologist))

Sat Jun 12 18:28:20 IST 2021

A week of retraining

Mon Jun 7 21:03:01 IST 2021

Retraining Auditory Abstinence Update

Wed Jun 2 20:27:16 IST 2021

OAP + Misc Updates

Fri May 28 16:06:20 IST 2021

Bruce Lee: A life

Thu May 27 10:33:17 IST 2021

- changing the format of these logs as requested by another
one of my friends : correctly pointed out that horizontal
scrolling is a pain.
	- discovered the autofill-mode in emacs; hooked
	it to markdown mode and set the fill-collumn default
	to 60 : so that takes care of hard wrapping on its
- Only changing the last log and starting from here, will be
following the following:
(use-package markdown-mode
  :straight t
  (set-fill-column 60)
  (general-add-hook 'markdown-mode-hook
		    (list 'nlinum-relative-mode
- Now that I'm only 20 days away from the commencement 
of my summer internship within the Controllers division 
at Goldman, will begin diving deep into derivatives trading
- thinking of "Options, Futures and Other Derivatives"
by John C Hull

Wed May 26 18:31:58 IST 2021

- one of my friends suggested that I start a YouTube channel
	- vlogging being the primary way people choose to
	document their experiments in 2021
- not a bad idea but seems time consuming as of now 
- sometime down the lane, that is a definite but just not now
- writing is fun and I'm not doing this for the
views/reach so  that kinda settles it
	- but that is against the explorative and curious
	attitude  I intend to cultivate and inspire
- a basic entry point could be casts of my work
environment or just a channel that discusses new
subjects that arise at the intersection of pre-existing ones
	- that would definitely accelerate my polymathic persuits
- One thing I want to stay far away from is becoming one
of those "YA ... Y" channels
	- that's yet another ... youtube channel
- OR .... that is a good name : "YA ... Y" Channel
	- the ellipsis capture the implied global closure of
	the channel's contents
	- well : could give it a try anyway ...

Tue May 25 21:18:11 IST 2021

Boredom and Burnouts

Tue May 25 13:17:26 IST 2021

- I am beginning to forget the characteristic tunes and rythms of songs that I used to hear daily (workouts and walks)
- unable to recall them on demand even if I try
- because what the society around me hears is not my choice and is not periodic / repititive enough : those tunes do not stick
- feels weird : can roughly recall the rythms but they're not quite right : not sustainable : feels somewhat mysterious
	- usually struggled to get tunes out of my head, now I can't seem to get a hand of one that sticks.
	- definitely frees up the mind for other things you might want to think about.

Sat May 22 20:48:26 IST 2021

- watched "The Big Short" (2015 : Adam McKay) today
- thinking of giving up music and podcasts for a while

Giving up Music and Podcasts for a month

Fri May 21 17:07:22 IST 2021

Lucid Dreaming : Revival One Arm Pushups: init

- I fortuitously fasted yesterday just cause I forgot to eat amidst some work and I recalled how I felt during my 48 hour weekend fasts.
	- my longest was a 60 hour water fast and by the end of these, ketones kick in along with the superhuman focus : it's enjoyable
	- time-wise, this is way more convenient
- decided today that I'll be having only one meal a day (lunch) but that I'll be eating almost the same
	- so that's 10 whole eggs, a lot of veggies, 150 grams of lentils, curd, and the usual indian carbs (chapattis) in one meal
	- liquid calories to a minimum : two protein shakes
- will have to shift my cardio sessions to morning though : pushups and pullups remain alloted to evenings
- will revise this once the gyms reopen and I'm back on my regimen.
- Monsoon has almost begun and the winds are colder now, ice baths are way more fun now

Thu May 20 19:33:58 IST 2021


Tue May 18 16:38:09 IST 2021

- Latin on hold(already has been for a long time) until I finish off the Speed reading Logs.
- resuming SICP with racket : programming lisp in emacs is way more fun
	- although I had a repl setup in vim : lisp was just another language
	- in emacs, you get to get to know how certain parts of the editor are implemented as you learn.
- Watched "Tenet" (2020 : Christopher Nolan) day before yesterday : will log this.

Sun May 16 08:29:53 IST 2021

- It's been 30 days for me to give up consuming visual media for entertainment
- will follow up with a post about the experience
- Hard-rules are good : that helped me get through this -> never trust your future self
- going to watch one movie every weekend(including today) for 5 more weeks i.e. will revise the rules again on <2021-06-20 Sun>
  - no loop holes : one movie, weekend : all else remains the same

Thu May 6 21:44:51 IST 2021

 - Augmented the Learning queue to include time-stamps
	 - should capture the movement fairly well
 - Looking forward to write more often this summer
 - Reading Bruce Lee's Biography (by Matthew Polly)

Tue May 4 22:37:35 IST 2021

 - setting up org-gtd for workflow
 - org-roam for research and conceptual notes
 - learning elisp
 - Internship has been postponed and shrunken to 6 weeks
   - will leverage for some research output

Fri Apr 30 19:58:03 IST 2021

 - Turning 21 tomorrow
 - should document that somewhere

Tue Apr 27 20:26:24 IST 2021

 - Learning Emacs is a pretty intense process
 - Evil does help but I've been grinding to adapt my complete workflow
   - probably not the best way to go about the integration, but I don't want to spend a lot of time in a sub-optimal state
   - anyway, have been making extremely rapid progress and will flag the migration as daemonized on the major stream when emacs really becomes self-documenting for me.
 - Emacs pinky is a thing : I use cherry-MX blues with a large travel and that doesn't help
 - have been making a lot of choices

Sat Apr 24 19:57:41 IST 2021

 - shifting to Emacs with Evil mode
 - vim is a backup option now
 - will update on the tech stack once the migration is complete
 - TBH, Evil emulates vim fairly well
 - All the things that I'll have to learn to become an emacs superuser were anyway on my list
    - I'll choose lisp any day over vim-script
 - archiving .vimrc evolution

Thu Apr 22 09:17:25 IST 2021

Lockdown Adaption

Mon Apr 12 19:02:53 IST 2021

Dual Screen Presentations

Fitness Log 003 : Running

Wed Mar 31 15:58:59 IST 2021

- reprogramming training routing around prehab, f-log 002 posted
- done with, the first pass of the 4-hour body, beginning with "The Zen in the Art of Writing" by Ray Bradbury

Handling Asymmetries

Wed Mar 24 21:01:42 IST 2021

- updated lower back injury log (001) with recovery status
- cook my dinner almost daily now : seems like a waste of time but podcasts/audiobooks help
- Reading "The 4-Hour Body" by Tim Ferris: higlights a lot of hackish ways around peculiarities of the human body: good read.

Tue Mar 23 08:03:00 IST 2021

- lower back injury details : fitness log 001

Fitness Log 001

Sat Mar 13 22:08:08 IST 2021

- Recently received my final offer letter for the position of Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs
- will be commencing a series of blog posts about my experiences with the firm and my first ever professional work experience in general.
- building the habit of writing again

Writing past

Fri Mar 12 23:29:42 IST 2021

- going to developing a strong habit of writing.
- albeit may be foolish, want to start pumping out content regarding my experiences in general.
    - most of it will go on the minor stream...

Sat Jan 16 12:35:48 IST 2021

- on numbers...