About me

Hi, This is Raj:

  • I’m interested in everything that humans accumulate as knowledge (not current affairs) and generally do not think of subjects as discrete but subtrees of epistemology as the root.

  • Also a productivity enthusiast and I do go to extreme lengths to optimize personal workflows. I’m slowly tending towards the tradionally lazy but accidentally hyper-productive automator : for the sake of automation, we keep on tweaking our workflows till perfection (It pays off in the long run)

  • I read a lot cause I believe ideas are never really completely created by one entity but by observing connections between two somewhat analogous circumstances. Consuming books directly instead of curated content is the best way to develop generic intelligence and wisdom: nothing beats experiences of-course.

  • I write a lot cause it helps me focus on what really matters and helps me consolidate what I read: not everything we consume is worth retaining.

  • I err on the side of irritating but can deliberately choose to act like a sage whenever required: that’s what philosophy does to you.

  • I like computers cause well…, they’re obedient and don’t quit that easily

  • I’m a fitness enthusiast cause I like mountains. Beaches are good.., but mountains are better.

  • I’m quite esoteric but deep down, we all are : I simply choose to act normal in social situations.