At the point of drafting this, I am majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Artificial Intelligence and I believe technical blogging is a great way to get good as something while having some fun and consolidating all that I learn along the way.

That was the primary intention of this blog when I set it up(long ago) and still holds true. However, I never commenced writing because I felt like I never knew much about a specific relevant topic to write about that would interest the readers; A lot of pre-existing blogs already have a lot of that base covered.

Of course, that is a very stupid thing to say: everyone’s got to start somewhere. So I’ve decided to ditch the act of playing an expert and pose these streams of thoughts in more playful, flexible ways with a beginner’s mindset, drawing upon curiosity and introspection instead of only relying upon the normal route of pedagogical write-ups.

To be clear, I definitely will have technical posts to support any hypothesis that I would like to explore but am also looking forward to have an opinionated outlook towards them and build intuition along the way.

Data and Information transcend the scope of current trends and date back, meta-physically speaking, way before we started identifying them as a prominent presence. Now, in my effort to understand these two entities philosophically, while trying to convey what I think of them, I definitely am being overtly ambitious.

But that’s where the fun lies - I am writing this just because a whim swayed me to the idea of taking a super-meta approach to data and trying to view it through all lenses.

Definitely amped-up to find out what this branch of my blog morphs into.
I have no plan.