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Generic Updates

ML and mathematics blog

Fri Sep 25 15:42:24 IST 2020

- initiated a separate ML and mathematics blog
- will be talking about the research that I consume
- also thinking of some fun personal projects : thinking of some EDA on my Fitbit data
- recently have started being active on kaggle; excited to get into competitive machine learning

WSL2 virtual hard disk issues

Sun Sep 13 21:40:22 IST 2020

- checked out diskpart today.
	- used to optimize virtual hard disks
- will have a post sometime soon regarding WSL with GUI

Goldman Sachs Intern Summer 2021

Sat Sep 12 19:20:37 IST 2020

- Been some time
- finally done with campus interviews for internships (summer 2021)
- got an offer from Goldman Sachs (Summer analyst) : stoked to work with them next summer 
- interview experience following up as a post

Tech stack update

Sat Aug 22 22:06:14 IST 2020

- initialized the tech stack today with the bare-minimum
- change CDN to google photos; code stays on github and photos from google photos.

Descartes’ error

Fri Aug 14 18:29:24 IST 2020

- finally done with DesCartes' error.
- review linked above : nice one overall.
- WebAssembly led me to new horizons:- stack machines and s-expressions 
	- leading me to their alma-mater : Lisp
	- Meta-Programming looks very promising and I'll soon have a post(rambling)
	- I'll be proceeding with Racket


Mon Aug 10 23:44:53 IST 2020

- first tech post today
- setup categories and tags.
- pretty excited to gain some momentum on this.
- tech stack coming up soon

Fri Aug 7 21:33:14 IST 2020

- no sun rise today, rainy day; the hike was even better
	- a walk in the clouds.
- as I was going to get into javascripts, basic research led me to the idea of
	- WebAssembly
	- Edge Computing
	- writing Web Apps in native code (C,C++,Rust) rather than javascript dialects
- very interesting, and definitely getting in on that
- though learning javascript will still be useful
- the idea of serverless serving is very intriguing though.
- thinking of creating a separate stream for my learning log and my generic log so that things look more structured.

Thu Aug 6 21:56:42 IST 2020

- started working on a personal full stack deep learning project
	- will learn a lot about a range of technologies and tools in the process
- first book review coming soon: Descartes error is turning out pretty good albeit felt like a slog at a point of time
- started solo hiking 2 days ago; tomorrow is the second day; targeting to scale the peak before 0615 IST(before sunrise)
- decided to add a couple of tool stacks to my repertoire soon:
	- javascript and soon its relevant dialects:- they're ubiquitous and will help me understand a lot of the web and build stuff
	- assembly:- I was smitten after I checked a blog post about compiler optimization just cause how elegant it was
	- modern C++ :- already have a head start on this and yes, it's a different language from C++ 11 onwards; the power it gives the programmer is just amazing. What people say is true:- the worst part is that it's too low a level and the best part is it's too low a level.
		- specifically because it's a multiparadigm'd language, I'm interested how a functional approach plays out here
		- getting familiar with it's type system and the idea of perfect forwarding:- the code just feels so much more expressive now.

Sun Aug 2 23:05:33 IST 2020

- setting up some smooth navigation and a way for intermittent updates
- I'm not peculiar, just lazy... ; started using r!date 
	- probably will create a dynamic tech stack page soon
- will set up individual, bare-bones sites for the individual projects and repositories in the projecs if necessary

31 - 07 - 2020

- site live, running
- ready to start kicking out content
- minor tweaks still needed
- resume and project pages need to be updated
- also will setup subdomains for some pages

30 - 07 - 2020

- bought domain : rajpatil.dev
- gTLD with enforced https, plus pretty cheap
- SSL certificate from "Let'sEncrypt" under process (integrated with github pages)
- may take upto 24 hours for the site to be live